Quick Facts:

  • Location: situated southwest of Royal city of Phnom Penh of Kingdom of Cambodia, accessed by the National Road No 3 from Phnom Penh via Kampot province (173 km) or by the National Road No 2 from Phnom Penh via Takeo province.
  • Status: Cambodia's most popular beach town
  • Population: 40,280
  • Area: 336 km2
  • Religions: Theravada Buddhism
  • Magnificent views of the mountains and the beaches.
  • Friendly people

Like Shihanoukville, Kep is also a coastal town of Cambodia. Being the capital of Kep Province, the town of Kep used to be the top seaside destination before being replaced by Shihanouk Ville. The town impresses tourists with vibrant as well as silent beauty.

In Cambodia language, Kep means “The Saddle of the Horse”. During the Khmer Rouge Regime, many colonial era mansions and villas in Kep were destroyed and remained ruined which make the mysterious beauty of Kep. Being located in Gulf of Thailand, Kep is endowed with stunning beaches, among which Koh Tonsay in Rabbit Island is the most beautiful. Being there, you may feel like stepping into the heaven by white sand beaches as graceful as the white dress of a slim and charming girl wandering around under the blue sky on a sunny day. The green coconut trees, the white sand beach, the blue sky all together a bright and consonant picture. Relaxing, sunbathing, or enjoy massage on the beach, closing your eyes and getting rid of all tiredness and worries will absolutely bring you fantastic experience. In Kep tourists will also have chance to explore the amazingly colorful coral reefs at the sea bottom.

Being in Kep, tourists also have chance to explore some interesting places nearby. Located 25 kilometers far from the city of Kep is Bokor Hill Station – a ghost town on the top of mountain. During 9 months of construction this resort, about nine hundreds lives were lost without any clear and convincing explanation. Being there, tourists will have chance to challenge your brave of exploring this mysterious and thrilling places. One more interesting thing is that you can enjoy great view to the Sea of Cambodia from the top of Bokor Mountain. Kampot City is also a great place for you to discover about the traditional process of making black pepper – a worldwide product of Cambodia.

Last but not least, in Kep, your taste will be satisfied and fascinated by fresh fried crab. Lively crabs are caught and processed immediately to keep their freshness at almost restaurant in Kep. The fleshy and cheesy of crab will be lingering on the tip of your tongues.

Kep – an ideal place for relaxing, enjoying and exploring is absolutely a worth-visiting place when travelling in Cambodia.

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