Quick Facts:

  • Location: In eastern Cambodia, on the banks of the Mekong River
  • Status: A rich in culture land
  • Population: 263.175 (1998)
  • Area: 11.094 km²
  • Religions: Theravada Buddhism
  • The large-scale dolphin sanctuaries
  • A number of architecture characterizing Cambodia’ culture and history

Kratie is a small and pretty town in northeastern of Cambodia. Due to its location, Kratie is quite remote and not really developed in terms of tourism. However, with its authentic and unexploited beauty together with unique ancient Angkor Temples Kratie is still a worth-visiting destination in Cambodia.

Being endowed with Mekong River flowing from the north to the south, Kratie owns peaceful and romantic landscapes. Mekong River also gifted this province hundreds of seasoned flooded islands as well as rich and diverse wetland ecosystems with many kinds of dolphins, fish and birds. Great part of Kratie is covered with dense forest and other part if green paddies and villages which create the immense green for this pretty town.

In the past, Kratie used to be the capital of Chenla Kingdom which gave Kratie ancient architectural structures of different periods: Vihear Sasar Muayroy in 16th century, Khvas Pi, Pram and Koh Kring temples in 8th century and some other temples of 13th century. Among them, Phnom Sombok – a temple situated on the hill is the most famous. Owning nice pavilion and depicting holy and unique lifestyle of Cambodia and a funny side story, Phnom Sombok will fascinate tourists. Wat Srsor Muoy Roi (temples of 100 columns) which contains colorful murals representing the legends of nature and other traditional Buddhist stories is also a great spot.
In Kratie, tourists will have chance to experience authentic rural life of Cambodia by visiting villages of Mekong, basket weaver village where you can witness real daily activities of locals.

There are a variety of exciting activities for tourists in Kratie. This town is most famous for Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching. Irrawaddy is a kind of endangered freshwater dolphins which is now being protected by NGOs. These shy and cute animals will surely leave you nice impression. Not only dolphins, in Kratie, tourists will also enjoy bird watching or explore turtle sanctuary or take part in Mekong Discovery Trail or go on Sorya Kakaying Adventures to discover rich wetland ecosystem of Kratie.

Kratie – a land of unexploited natural landscapes and rich ecosystem will satisfy your love for nature and your desire of exploring.

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